Children's Yoga Teacher Training - Barefoot Yoga Studio
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Teach engaging, fun and meaningful yoga classes from 3 up to 13 year olds and build a comprehensive toolkit as a yoga teacher to successfully manage and support the children. Connect to yourself in a new way and use your playful side to create your own fun and engaging class plans.

Learn how to integrate child friendly mindfulness and meditation practices.

Help children discover their own strengths and how to let their lights shine bright

Course Content

  • Group specific asanas
  • Breathing exercises
  • Movement & Yoga games
  • Chants
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Concentration techniques
  • Meditation practices 

This training is designed to be practical and interactive, and covers areas such as integrating children with additional needs. Achieve learnings in partner work, storytelling, and self-care for working with children. Attain creative and innovative ideas for class plans.


Course Modules

  • Basics of Teaching Kids Yoga
  • Getting & Keeping Attention
  • Self Care and Practice for the Kids Yoga Teacher
  • Children Developmental Stages Milestones
  • Kids Yoga Anatomy and Alignment
  • Kids Yoga Breathing Techniques
  • Warm Ups (including Surya Namaskar)
  • Teacher Toolkit: Yoga Games Calm Down techniques
  • Kids Yoga Relaxation Visualisation and Affirmation
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Children with Additional Needs
  • Mindfulness and Mindfulness
  • Practices Meditation and Meditation Practices
  • Yoga in School - Classroom Integration Adaptations for the curriculum
  • Partner Yoga - Group Asana



It is Yoga Alliance accredited and also compliments the SPHE curriculum currently used in schools. At the end of this course you will be  qualified to teach Yoga classes to children from the ages of 3 to 13 years old.

Learn a new skill and add an additional element to your teaching practice. This diversifies your skill set and makes you stand out. Be the positive change in a child's important development.

Yoga helps children improve body awareness and it helps reduce fears and stress. Enhancing concentration, self confidence and a positive self-image as well as helping to manage difficult emotions among so many more benefits.


Dates and Times

This course runs over 5 months, from January to May 2020. The course takes place for one weekend every month, Saturday and Sunday from 1045am to 5pm each day in our studio in Lucan.  


Entry Requirements 

This course is suitable for everyone, there is no prior qualification or learning needed.



Tanja Thomas, originally from Germany, has been sharing yoga and well being practices with children of all ages, teens, and families nationally and internationally in communities. She has taught children in preschools, primary & secondary schools, and in studio classes.

Tanja has trained with some of the best children’s yoga instructors including Melissa Curtis, Lydia Sasse and Jyoti Manual at Special Yoga, UK. She is also part of the teachers network of children’s yoga expert Nicola Foxe, founder of Yo-Yo-Yoga, Dublin, Ireland.

When her daughter was born in 2005 with Congenital Heart Disease, Holistic Practices & Yoga became integral to both herself and her daughter as a way of life.

Tanja centers her classes on empowering the children and teens to use the tools of yoga, meditation and relaxation on the mat and in their daily lives to stay healthy, happy, confident and balanced individuals in this challenging world.

A yoga alliance qualified yoga instructor specialising in children's & family yoga as well as therapeutic yoga for children with additional needs. Tanja has a special interest in mindfulness & meditation practices of the Zen Buddhism Plumvillage Tradition as well as the practice of Sound healing which she integrates into her classes.