Family Yoga - Barefoot Yoga Studio
Tel: 083 157 9543

Have fun with your child on the mat!  If you would like to try practicing yoga with your children, why not join us for an hour of family yoga,  

These classes are held in courses that laregly coincide with the school term. The next term starts in January. 

Next Dates -

There is a one off Family Yoga workshop on Sunday Dec 9th from 230-430pm.

examiner-com-family-yoga-photoIn this class, family members have an opportunity to practice yoga together 
and experience a magical interaction that grounds them as equal partners.

Strong bonds are developed as you rely and assist each other in the yoga postures. Movement, storytelling, music and play are combined with the yoga practice to create a very unique and fun experience.

Learn to relax together building lifelong skills to help with those crazy moments which are all
part of parenting.

Suitable for kids from 2 years – 12 years.  

1 Adult and 1 child - €65 For A 6 Week Course

Additional child €60