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Meditation - 4 Week Course- Applications Open Now For August 2020 Course


This 4-week online course will help you to establish a regular meditation practice. It is also suitable for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their personal practice and learn how to teach meditation. It is a first step to becoming a meditation teacher. 

Meditation is the art of inner listening.   It is like depositing in to your healing savings account, the more regularly you practice, the more you save.  When you are faced with a challenging situation, you will feel better equipped to respond rather than react.  The practice gives you space and keeps you grounded and steady, precious commodities in modern life. 

There are two types of meditation that we will explore over the four weeks. 

The first type is where there is one focus point.  We will explore mantras, meditating using an image and meditating with a fixed gaze on a candle.

The second type is the meditation of life itself, as the subject/focus of the meditation practice.  This is the way we use our breath and body, sounds, feelings within us, heart and mind all of the stuff of our life as the place to focus upon. 

Over the eight weeks, we will explore resting in the present moment and attending to natural breath.  We will examine body awareness and the naming of sensations and finally working with thoughts, moods and feelings.

Reflective practice is fully integrated through the four weeks.

We will explore;

  • Mindfulness of the body
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Introduction to the five Koshas
  • An understanding of what pratyahara and Yoga Nidra is
  • Understand the benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Understand the Sankalpa and learn how to set them
  • Understand the rotation of consciousness and experience it
  • Understand the different approaches to breath awareness
  • Introducing feelings and sensations - feelings of opposites
  • Using Visualisations to help develop self awareness, instincts, dharana (concentration) and imagination
  • Integrating Yoga Nidra in a way that fits into their lives
  • Mindful enquiries into Yin and Restorative Yoga Practices