Deep Sleep Workshop - Barefoot Yoga Studio

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Deep SleepWired but Tired - the 'how to' workshop for all sleep deprived insomniacs

Learning how to switch off our minds so that our bodies can sleep and recharge is the most natural thing in the world - and often the most difficult.     Our minds race, our bellies churn and we can't stop looking at the clock.     I've been there and know how distressing it can be -  I've also found , and now teach on these workshops , the best practices for  restful sleep that leaves us refreshed and ready to face the day.

I've taken the best from Yoga and blended it with the most restful therapeutic approaches to give you an experience that will really enhance your sleeping hours.      Here's what we will be doing on the day

Bed-time Yoga - a deeply restful session that will soothe, calm and nourish

Embodied Mindfulness -  teaching you what to do when your mind just won't stop

Turning off your On button -  Somatic  Neuro-Sensory movements which re-wire your nervous system to aid you in slowing down.

Zen Deep Breathing -  for the nights you are wired to the moon

Untying the Knots -  'ironing' out the deep tensions of the shoulder, back and neck using massage balls to get into the nooks and crannies

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